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Best Forex Cards for Students

Forex Cards Benefits and Uses

Forex cards for students help them cover their costs without worrying about money or currency issues. The card is ideal if you are a student considering studying abroad.

Without having to worry about not having enough money for needs like food, shelter, and travel, you can concentrate on your education and control your spending. Student travel is made more affordable because of the forex card.

What is the best Forex card to choose? If you are having trouble deciding which one to choose, don’t worry! In this blog, RemitX recommends the best one.

Here are some of the best forex cards for Students:

  1. Niyo Global Card:

Niyo and DCB Bank have partnered to provide students studying abroad with a versatile and technologically advanced card that can be used in 150+ currencies, but it does come with fees and the visa exchange rate.

  • For students who want to be able to access their cards and convert money at any time and from anywhere, Niyo is the perfect choice. In addition to using the card in 100+ currencies, you can load money from your Indian bank account into the Niyo app.
  • Using their app, you can instantly transfer funds to your loved ones with no Forex markup*. When purchasing the forex card, you must sign up in person.
  • Regardless of where you are, they have 24/7 support to assist you with any issues with the card.
  • WISE Borderless Cards:

Student forex cards from Wise Borderless are among the best on the market. With this forex card, one can easily make big and small payments in local currency across countries at low rates.

  • With Wise Borderless card, you can send money worldwide in more than 60 currencies. You can also open a Wise multi-currency account if you are studying in the United States, Europe, Australia, or the United Kingdom. With this card, you can carry more than 45 different currencies and withdraw up to USD 350/INR 25,976 per month for free.
  • One can easily send money to their country of origin with this Forex card, as it has low exchange rate fees.
  • Thomas Cook Cards:

Thomas Cook provides you with a “One Currency Card” as well as a “Borderless Prepaid Card”.

  • One currency cardallows you to load a single currency on the card, protecting you from inflated currency conversion fees.
  • You can take advantage of a hassle-free trip with a Thomas Cook and MasterCard Worldwide Travel Currency Card
  • Their Borderless Prepaid Multicurrency Card is a smart card that handles all your forex needs. With this card, you can shop and explore like an avid traveller with ease. With this single prepaid forex card, you can splurge, pamper yourself, and withdraw money from ATMs in multiple currencies, no matter where you are. It is possible to load the forex prepaid card from the comfort of your home. Further enhancing your experience, they also deliver your forex card to your doorstep.
  • ICICI Forex Cards:

There are five forex cards offered by ICICI Bank, and the card to be chosen depends entirely on the purpose of the trip. The ICICI forex cards offer customers lucrative discounts and travel privileges. 

  • Forex cards include – Goibibo Travel Forex, Sapphiro Forex, Multi-Wallet Prepaid Card, Coral Forex Card, and Student Forex Prepaid.
  • The Sapphiro Forex card has high fees, whereas the student forex card have affordable fees.
  • The Student Forex card has a joining fee of rupees five hundred and along with that an annual fee of rupees two hundred from the second year.
  • IndusInd Forex Cards:

The IndusInd Bank Multi-Currency Card is highly recommended for students. In addition to the benefits of no foreign markup fees and internet usage, users get access to 14 different currencies.

Final Thoughts

Experts at RemitX recommend carrying a forex card instead of carrying cash everywhere, since it’s much safer. Hopefully, you can now select a Forex card according to your needs.