* Rate : 82.665

TCS will be applicable on foreign exchange transaction under LRS from 1st Oct. 2020, as per IT section 206C.

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If you are going abroad and want to buy currency or you are back from an international trip and need to exchange your remaining currency notes for INR. We offer best in the market rates for both buying and selling purposes. Currency Notes of major and exotic currencies made available at your door step. Genuineness of currency notes is the most basic expectation of foreign traveler. Our expert cashiers equipped with all the necessary skills and tools to identify genuine currency notes meticulously verify the notes before handing it over to our customers. This assures delivery of authentic currency notes to our esteemed customers.

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With its diverse expertise and robust service delivery mechanism, REMITX enjoys some of the finest advantages in Foreign Exchange industry

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RemitX is one of the leading Retail Foreign Exchange Company in India


Do you need currency exchange? 

RemitX is one of India’s leading online Outward Remittance Service Provider. Our expert team helps you to convert currencies at best rates to send money anywhere in the world from India. RemitX offers hassle-free process, wide branch network, and experienced team, since its inception, eliminating the need to search for dealers in currency exchange in India. We compare rates from hundreds of banks and money changers in India. Our forex conversion rates in our online foreign exchange portal provide best rates in real-time.

RemitX helps you get currency exchange online and deliver the currency exchange to your doorstep. 

What Causes Exchange Rates to Change? 

  • Currency Exchange rates of all countries fluctuate, depending on various factors including demand and supply. Around the world, foreign exchange is traded 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
  • The flow of remittances in and out of India also impacts the exchange rate as well. If a huge volume of remittance comes in to or goes out of the country, you can see a major impact on exchange rates.
  • Currency values constantly fluctuate, this could impact the value of your foreign currency balance. The factors include economic growth of countries, interest rates, employment, inflation etc. RemitX can help you in providing appropriate foreign exchange solutions in managing your foreign exchange balances.


Remitx Products and Services include: 

Why should you Choose Foreign Exchange services from remitx.com? 

  • RemitX provides the best currency exchange rates by getting best rates from hundreds of banks and money changers.
  • RemitX caters to your foreign currencies, pre-paid, and foreign exchange remittances abroad by offering hassle-free experience with the best rates, transparent process, doorstep delivery, etc.
  • Get best currency exchange rates in India than at airports, banks, and other money changers

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