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RemitX GIC Assistance: Simplifying Canadian Study Financing


Studying in Canada as an international student involves fulfilling certain financial requirements, including demonstrating sufficient funds to support oneself during the study period. Among the options to meet this requirement is purchasing a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from approved Canadian financial institutions. To simplify this process and offer expert guidance to students, RemitX has partnered with ICICI Bank Canada to provide GIC Assistance, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience for aspiring students.

What is RemitX’s GIC Assistance?

RemitX’s GIC Assistance is a dedicated service designed to help international students obtain a Guaranteed Investment Certificate(GIC) from approved Canadian banks. The program aims to streamline the application process and offer personalized support to ensure a seamless experience for students. Through our collaboration with ICICI Bank Canada, students can access the financial services and documentation required for their GIC application.

The Importance of GIC for International Students:

The GIC plays a vital role in the financial planning of international students studying in Canada. It serves as a financial guarantee to the Canadian government, demonstrating that students have the means to cover their living expenses while pursuing their education. Obtaining a Canadian study permit, a necessary requirement for international students, relies on purchasing a GIC, which provides proof of sufficient funds and ensures financial security throughout their studies.

How RemitX’s GIC Assistance Benefits Students:

Streamlined Application Process:

RemitX’s GIC Assistance simplifies and expedites the GIC application process. Through an intuitive online platform, students can easily complete and submit their applications, saving time and effort. The program eliminates complicated paperwork and offers a user-friendly interface for a hassle-free experience.

Expert Guidance and Support:

Understanding the complexities of the GIC application process, RemitX provides personalized guidance and support to students. Dedicated experts are available to answer questions, provide assistance, and guide students at every step. This ensures students have access to the necessary resources and expertise needed to successfully obtain their GIC.

Hassle-Free Documentation Formalities:

RemitX’s GIC Assistance takes care of the documentation requirements for GIC application and study permit/visa. Students can rely on RemitX’s expertise to handle the necessary paperwork efficiently and accurately. This saves students valuable time and ensures all documentation is in order, reducing the chances of delays or complications in the application process.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Avail RemitX’s GIC Assistance:

Register for RemitX GIC Assistance:

  • Visit the RemitX website and click on the GIC Assistance section.
  • Follow the instructions to register for the program.

Provide Necessary Information:

  • Fill out the required information for your GIC application, including personal details, study program information, and financial information.

Guidance for Funding Your GIC Account:

  • RemitX will provide step-by-step instructions on funding your GIC account through approved Canadian banks. Follow the guidelines provided to complete the process.

Assistance with Study Permit/Visa Application:

  • Alongside your GIC application, RemitX will guide you through the study permit/visa application process. They will provide the necessary documentation and support for a smooth application.

Handling GIC Refund Process (If Applicable):

  • In the event of a study permit rejection, RemitX will assist you in the GIC refund process, ensuring a seamless experience and the return of your funds.


RemitX’s GIC Assistance is a valuable resource for international students planning to study in Canada. By streamlining the GIC application process, providing expert guidance and support, and handling documentation formalities, RemitX ensures a hassle-free experience for students. The program has enabled countless students to fulfill the financial requirements for their Canadian study permits, giving them the confidence and peace of mind to pursue their educational goals in Canada. Explore RemitX’s GIC Assistance today and simplify your journey to studying in Canada.