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6 Fastest Ways to Send Money for Overseas Education

Are you looking for the fastest way to send money for overseas education? If you’re planning to study abroad, you should know the best way to transfer money abroad for foreign studies. In this digital age, there are various low-cost solutions for moving money from your home country to an international bank account. Keep reading to learn more.

6 Fastest Ways to Send Money for Overseas Education

1. Remitx

It is one of my favorite money transfer methods that offers satisfactory customer service. Due to this, I put it on the top of the money transfer list. Their team will always be ready to assist you. They offer the most competitive rates in the industry to send money for overseas education. You can avail of quick money transfer services from Remitx.

2. MoneyGram

MoneyGram team has long experience in this field and they also use the new online money transfer choices. Now, they allow you to transfer money online, via the app. If we talk about their branches, there are over 30,000 branches. They offer their clients have the assurance due to their long-standing reputation for money transfers.

3. TransferWise

TransferWise, a money transfer site and has grown in popularity due to low prices and quick transfer alternatives. If we talk about transferring expensive sums, it costs 1% fee on transfers, which is significantly less than others.

They employ real-time exchange rates to ensure that you always pay a fair and accurate rate currency. Moreover, you can track your money via with TransferWise’s mobile app for Apple and Android

4. PayPal

Paypal is common method for online payments, such as remote and independent workers’ salary. Presently, they have a new website, Paypal Xoom that provides a money-transfer service. This is the fastest online money transfer service, taking less than an hour to complete. Paypal  Xoom offers you to track all of your transactions, as well as 24/7 customer service. Transfer fees depend on the different nation.

5. OFX

OFX provids real-time currency conversion and waives many of its transfer fees. They have a global support team to answer any queries of their client, and an app to track your transactions. According to the recipient bank, transfers usually take 1-2 business days.

6. Western Union

This money service provider offers its services to over 200 countries and territories in 130 different currencies. In case you want to transmit money in person, it has 500,000 agent locations around the world.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, online money transfer to send money for overseas education is the best option.  Not only transfer speed but also the overall experience of international money transfer fees. We hope you enjoy the blog and got really useful information related to online money transfers. All the above ways are quick, painless, and inexpensive manner of paying your child’s abroad college fee.

Thanks for reading!

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