German Blocked account

Officially approved by the German federal Foreign Office.
Open Blocked Account at Germany before travel. Open Blocked Account



REMITX lets you open a Blocked Account in Germany in less than 15 minutes.
Open Blocked Account at Germany before travel. Open Blocked Account


Zero additional charges to fund Blocked account

Open Blocked Account at Germany before travel. Open Blocked Account


Fastest Blocked Account opening
Officially approved by the German Federal Foreign Office
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A Blocked Account is a special account in the Federal Republic of Germany which serves foreign students as evidence of sufficiency of their financial means for their stay period. It is made mandatory by German embassy for all the type of travelers who wish to relocate to Germany for various purposes like, education, job etc. The account has to be opened at a German bank while you are still at your home country preparing your documents. 863 euros have to be blocked for every month that you are planning to stay in Germany.

REMITX in collaboration with Eric Neuendorff provides Blocked Accounts (Sperrkonto) to the students traveling to Germany through Eric Neuendorff Law Firm. REMITX is authorized by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide International students with blocked accounts. REMITX, a brand name of Capital India Finance Limited, in association with Eric Neuendorff provides a platform for the students from across the globe to open and manage their block accounts as per their travel purpose.

Blocked Account - Financial Proof
To issue a visa for Germany, a proof of adequate financial means is required. This implies that the student needs to be in the position to secure living expenses for the period of studies in Germany. At the time of application for a visa the students need to prove a monthly allowance of at least € 863.00 for the first academic year of the studies (in total € 10,356.00). The easiest way to do so is by opening a Blocked Account in Germany. A Blocked Account is a special form of bank account, which is used by students to demonstrate proof of sufficient financial means to afford their studies in Germany. With REMITX students can open the account completely online and in the fastest way possible. Duration and blocking amounts can be set according to the requirements of embassies or local foreigners authorities. Money which is deposited in this account cannot be withdrawn until the arrival in Germany to secure financial stability. Read more...


Step 1

Register for GBA with document

Step 2

Download Account Confirmation

Step 3

Fund Blocked Amount

Step 4

Receive your blocked amount confirmation

Step 5

Apply for Visa

Step 6

Arrive in Germany

Step 7

Activate your Blocked Amount

Step 8

Receive you Monthly Blocked Amount in your German Bank

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