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How to buy Foreign Currency online in India?

If you are planning to visit abroad for a specific purpose you will need to buy currency online. These specific purposes could be leisure travel, education, medical treatment, and several other purposes. In addition to this, you can buy foreign currency online because money exchangers have their own websites for their users. You can easily inquire about the exchange rates and service fees while you buy currency online in India. You need to examine and compare the fees charged by each bank and money changer. There are many foreign currency exchangers in the market, you need to choose the best. In terms of best means trusted and reputed one such is  REMITX and they have an online portal in form of a website called

Purchasing Foreign Exchange in India over the Internet

1. Remitx allows you to Buy Forex Online

By availing foreign exchange services from Remitx, users can compare and buy currency online., is India’s largest online Forex marketplace. It is breaking the stranglehold of banks and money changers’ brick-and-mortar operations.

You may also freeze the exchange rate for up to three days and get foreign currency delivered to your doorstep. In addition to this, you can access the wholesale exchange rates from over 4500 RBI-approved exchange houses across India. Users can compare Forex rates from hundreds of banks and forex centers around you to get the best offers.

There are many ways to buy currency online in India.

2. Pay a Visit to your Local Bank

Another option is for your local bank to manually convert your money. Moreover, many banks offer you competitive exchange rates and fees while purchasing foreign exchange.

Users can go to the bank and purchase foreign exchange, forex services are available at many bank offices allowing you to purchase foreign currency in major currencies.

3. Go to a Forex dealer or a travel agent

In this option, you can go to a travel agent, who will help you buy foreign currency online. He will assist you with a reputed authorized foreign exchange dealer, it is important that before making a purchase, you should compare the conversion rates available.

4. Purchase Foreign Currency Online

In this digital age, there are various online methods for purchasing foreign currency. So, while purchasing the foreign cash on a click of a button. Many banks offer FX trading services online. Just need to purchase foreign currency by browsing the bank’s website and signing up for internet banking.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, you can go with one of the reputed online Remitx websites to buy currency online. Before doing this, you must first choose the currency you require. We believe after reading this blog you will get some beneficial information for you for purchasing the currency.

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