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TCS will be applicable on foreign exchange transaction under LRS from 1st Oct. 2020, as per IT section 206C.

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If you are going abroad and want to buy currency or you are back from an international trip and need to exchange your remaining currency notes for INR. We offer best in the market rates for both buying and selling purposes. Currency Notes of major and exotic currencies made available at your door step. Genuineness of currency notes is the most basic expectation of foreign traveler. Our expert cashiers equipped with all the necessary skills and tools to identify genuine currency notes meticulously verify the notes before handing it over to our customers. This assures delivery of authentic currency notes to our esteemed customers.

Buy Currency Online in India at RemitX

RemitX is an online foreign exchange provider that offers you the facility to buy currency online in India. In today's digital market in India, you can easily buy currency online with our support. As we all know we like to study abroad, jobs abroad, do business, and enjoy traveling to our desired places abroad. For doing any activity abroad, the most important aspect is to obtain local currency. It allows you to visualize yourself in these exotic locales and makes you feel flushed with excitement. Moreover, buying currency in a foreign country is not a simple process. Purchasing foreign currency in a foreign country can be a considerable challenge. It may just take the fun out of your vacation/holiday.

Why Do You Need to Buy Currency Online?

  • As we all know, traveling, studying, or working overseas is totally dependent on currency exchange rates. But finding the best foreign exchange rates is a challenge for anybody if we talk about overseas trips.
  • The world is always changing, and in today's digital age, purchasing foreign money/currency has never been easier. Many students are dreaming about their foreign studies or traveling abroad.
  • Overseas travel is thrilling, and in today's fast-paced or busy lifestyle, travel has become a convenient way to refresh and rejuvenate.
  • Finding new and exciting destinations throughout the world has become a piece of cake. Thanks to competitive currency conversion rates and improved global connection.
  • You may easily convert INR into foreign currencies at a competitive money exchange rate with only a few taps.
  • While traveling they help you to relax, unwind and plan, ahead of time. They help you to obtain the best exchange rates that can add to the excitement of your trip.

RemitX Support to Buy Currency Online:

We will assist you to fill in the relevant information, select currency, and purchasing forex at the best exchange rate.

  • We've got you covered no matter what currency you're looking for! You have the option of having purchased local destination currency and blocking the exchange rate fluctuations.
  • You just need to pick it up at your nearest RemitX branch. You can buy currency online in India using a variety of payment methods that are feasible to you.
  • Not only does this save your time, but you also save money when you buy foreign exchange from RemitX online. This saved money could help you on your next vacation or education travel abroad.
  • Working with RemitX includes 24/7 assistance, currency blocking in advance, the best online currency rates and security of online transactions.

Why Choose Us to Buy Currency?

  • At RemitX, we take pride in assisting you with planning your travel with ease.
  • One of the services we offer is the acquisition of foreign currency for your travel needs. However, at RemitX, our team works relentlessly to guarantee you a memorable vacation or education trip abroad.
  • Obtaining foreign money/currency has never been easier or more convenient than it is now, thanks to the internet. Due to technological advancement, you may buy currency online quickly and easily with RemitX from anywhere in the world.
  • Many people think that by going to airport exchange counters, trusting forex touts..etc they can buy currency at better rates. However, these modes of currency purchases are done away with by smart clients.

RemitX Forex services allow you to buy currency online in India from the convenience of your own home. Also, able you to get at the best exchange rates for any currency.

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