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How to Open Blocked Account for Students in Germany

Are you interested in learning how to open a blocked Account for students in Germany?  It is a procedure to demonstrate the financial sufficiency for students to maintain themselves for a specified time. In addition, a blocked account is an important prerequisite for German VISA . If we talk about this account, you will not be allowed immediate access to your funds if you have a Blocked Account. You cannot use your German Blocked Account to make payment for goods and services directly in Germany. However, the flow of regular funds from blocked account to your general current bank account will be received. So, you need to open a blocked account for Germany from India as soon as possible. This is crucial because you’ll need it to get VISA approval and before travel to Germany.

Reading this blog means you also want to open a blocked account. But don’t worry in this blog you get simple ways to open your blocked account. Let’s dive into the details for completing all essential documents.

4 Important things about Blocked Account:

1. Many people think about their monthly stipend for their living costs. Without money, your survival in a foreign country is very difficult. So, you must have complete control over where your blocked account is opened.

2. You must keep in mind that unless additional proof of financial assistance is submitted in the visa process, VISA will get rejected. Your blocked account must have a sufficient level of credit to meet your needs while staying in Germany.

3. There are certain standard amounts as per German law, which the students are expected to deposit in the blocked account when applying for a visa. This account permits you for a monthly withdrawal of a specified amount.

4. It is important to know that only blocked account beneficiary’s authorization is required to close the account. Furthermore, after entering Germany, the foreigner’s authority is the beneficiary of the frozen account.

Due to this, a blocking notice helps to ensure that adequate cash is always accessible for living expenditures. But it does not allow the banned account beneficiary to withdraw funds from the account.

Top 8 Tips on how to Open Blocked German Account:

1. A German VISA consultant may be approached to advise you on the Blocked Account.

2. Just need to compare the blocked account service providers, so you can make an informed decision.

3. You should open blocked account for Germany in India by reputed providers that are officially approved by the German Federal Foreign Office as they comply with the Federal Ministry guidelines.

4. It is important to take a complete package that includes German health insurance. These requirements like free travel health insurance for saving time and money.

5. To avoid unanticipated delays, you should apply ahead of time. It is ideal a apply a few weeks before the visa appointment.

6. Look thoroughly into the cost-effective and convenient international money transfer services providers. If we talk about the remittance providers, they are usually less expensive as compared to the traditional banks.

7. It is always better to arrive in Germany with some additional cash you can’t rely just on the Blocked Account. As you know that it will take a little time or days to activate and get the first payment.

8. It is important and mandatory to open blocked account for Germany from India.


We hope all your questions were answered after reading this article. If we talk about the selection of German blocked account providers in India, you need to consider important aspects. The  critical factor is that a significant sum of money is involved, which is probably security. We believe that this guidance will truly assist you while making an informed decision and your visa application goes through smoothly. Have a fantastic time in Germany!

Thanks for reading!

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