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For online purchases we recommend you to visit and enjoy the convenience of booking currencies online and getting door-step delivery of your currency.
One must consider below points when traveling overseas.
• Security
• Accessibility &
• Duration of your overseas visit.
If you are traveling for a short duration, then currency note is a great way to carry foreign currency for your everyday needs however, if stay is for longer duration, its recommended to carry Prepaid Forex card (available in multiple currencies). Load larger amount in Forex prepaid cards for safety and small amount of Foreign Currency Notes for your immediate use. REMITX deals in multiple currencies* for your needs and with our expertise we guarantee reliability and authenticity of the Foreign Currency Notes (FCN) which will not land you in trouble when you are abroad.
YES! It is very important for safety and security sake to buy Foreign exchange from authorized dealers like Banks and authorized RBI approved dealers. The most important reasons to buy Forex from authorized dealers is that you are guaranteed that the Foreign exchange currency notes supplied are genuine and not soiled. You also gets official receipt for the purchase which you may require at the immigration counter in India as well as at the destination Country.
REMITX’s team of industry experts holds extreme expertise and years of experience in dealing with currency exchange. Expert cashiers and backed with currency detecting machines helps in quickly identifying torn, soiled or fake notes and hence when you purchase currency from REMITX, be rest assured that your notes are genuine and will help you enjoy a good trip abroad.
Foreign exchange for your foreign trip can be purchased from REMITX against rupee payment in cash only up to Rs.49,999/-. However, if the Rupee equivalent exceeds Rs.49,999/-, the entire payment should be made by way of a crossed Cheque / banker’s Cheque/ pay order/ demand draft from purchaser’s account only. Please note that providing a PAN Card is mandatory for all transactions irrespective of the amount of INR paid in cash/card/cheque/dd/bank transfer etc. by the customer. As per company policy , orders placed on this website, payments will be accepted ONLY by online bank transer
There is a nominal fee of approx. 2 to 3 USD per withdrawal. Please check with the card issuer for more details. In some cases, there may also be a charge levied by the bank that owns the ATM. You will be notified on the ATM screen if there is an extra charge.
Maximum limit for foreign currency per traveler for a leisure trip (other than to Nepal and Bhutan), is USD $2,50,000 in one financial year of which only $3,000 can be carried per trip as currency notes and the balance has to be carried in the convenient form of Prepaid Forex cards which are readily available over the counter at any REMITX Branch, on self-declaration basis, irrespective of the number of visits undertaken during the year.

REMITX suggest customers to carry local currencies of the destination countries to avoid double conversion loss.
REMITX Solutions
While the list of currencies is continuously changing based on prevailing international business scenarios, however we provide all major currency namely USD/EUR/ GBP/AUD/SGD/CAD etc. and other exotic currency can also be made available with prior notice.
At REMITX, we respect your needs and our advisers will help you get the right solutions from a range of products – Currency Notes, Prepaid Forex Cards– so that your overseas travel is smooth and hassle free. Our recommendation would be to carry few USD Notes for your immediate needs during travel and rest load different Foreign currency in our Multi Currency cards to be used at each countries.
At REMITX, you can get Foreign Exchange up to 60 days in advance of your trip. In case, you do not travel during that period, the foreign exchange should be surrendered to REMITX.
BUSINESS TRIPS and Overseas Education
Visits in connection with business, deputation by company, attending of an international conference, seminar, specialized training, study tour, apprentice training, etc., are treated as business visits.
At REMITX, you can get Foreign Exchange up to 60 days in advance of your trip. In case, you do not travel during that period, the foreign exchange should be surrendered to REMITX.
No, you need to pay for your business trip using funds from your business bank account.
When traveling for education, the regulation says that the students can avail Fx maximum up to USD2,50,000 or up to the amount as mentioned in the University offer letter / I- 20 whichever is less. During initial travel, the students can avail USD 3,000 can be carried per trip as currency notes and the balance has to be carried in the convenient form of Prepaid Forex cards which are ready available over the counter at REMITX.
FOREX Prepaid Card
Multicurrency Forex Card is designed exclusively for customers who travel extensively across the globe. It is a unique product with multiple currencies loaded on the same card for convenience, thus avoiding the need to carry multiple cards for different destinations. When you're traveling, it's easy to access local currency at an ATM. Simply look for the Visa/Mastercard symbol on the ATM. These are a part of global ATM network which allows you to get cash at over 2 million ATM's in more than 200 countries and territories the world over. Before you travel, it is a good idea to check with your card-issuing bank about the overseas ATM transaction fees.
The Prepaid Travel Card comes with a lot of other benefits:

1. Access to over 34 Million merchant establishments and to 2.1 Million ATM's
2. Free Replacement Card.
4. Global Emergency Toll Free Assistance in over 80 countries
5. Online access and controls on your card account.
6. Online usage possible.
7. Safety and security at no cost.
8. Encashment option available once you return from your trip.
9. Directly swipe your Card without any transaction fee at merchant establishments accepting Visa card,
Forex prepaid cards are the NEW AGE product developed for the frequent travelers which combines Safety, security through pin protection as well as convenience while traveling overseas. The traveler can use it for purchase at over millions of establishments as well as withdraw cash from over 2 million ATM centers.
Generally the forex prepaid card is more cost effective medium compared to a debit card. It is always recommended to compare the charges levied by the bank for various types of transactions at retail outlets and ATMs.
Generally Prepaid cards are available in all MAJOR currencies for your foreign travel needs and you can load all those currencies onto a single card.
No. You do not need to open an account or be banking with the respective bank to avail Forex Prepaid cards. Prepaid cards are available over the counter at all REMITX Locations.
Prepaid Forex Cards are re-loadable and valid for a period of minimum 3 years. Within this period, you can use the Prepaid Forex Card as many times as you like. On your next trip overseas, you can reload your Card at any REMITX branch. Simply fill in the reload coupons given to you along with the necessary documents; your Card will be credited with the new amount within hours.
As per the purpose of travel , you will have to submit a copy of the following documents at your nearest REMITX branch along with the application form for the Prepaid Forex Card before you travel abroad:

Document At the time of Purchase At the time of Reload
Self-Certified Passport Copy Mandatory Already Available - Not Required
Form A2 cum Application under LRS Mandatory Mandatory
Visa or Airline Ticket Mandatory Compulsory in case of next trip. Not required for the same trip
Self-Certified copy of PAN Mandatory Already Available - Not Required
I- 20 or Offer letter (In case of student) Mandatory Not required we already have the same.
Address Proof (In case address mentioned in passport is different from current permanent address) Mandatory Required(in case address is changed from last transaction)
No. You cannot use the cards in India.
The usage of your Travel Currency Card should be in strict accordance with the regulations of the Reserve Bank of India and FEMA regulations. The amount loaded or reloaded on a card can be done as per the foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 and prevailing RBI regulations in force at present.

Purpose Limit
For Holidays, Personal visits etc. USD $2,50,000 per financial year
Employment Abroad - For a person who is going to work abroad USD $2,50,000 per financial year
Medical Treatment - For people who are traveling abroad for treatment USD $2,50,000 per financial year or amount as mentioned in letter from overseas hospital / doctor
Studies Abroad - For students pursuing studies abroad Eligibility is USD $2,50,000 per financial as per RBI however it is restricted to amount as mentioned in university fees letter
REMITX offers the convenience of retaining your card and reloading it before your next trip abroad so that you can use the same card the next time you travel.
The Card can be en-cashed only after your return to India. Furthermore, the last transaction done on the card should be more than 10 days prior to the date of encashment. For refund of the residual or unutilized balances you can approach any of the REMITX branches irrespective of where the card was issued. You need to complete the refund form and submit a copy of your passport along with the form and claim your refund at the best possible rates.
As per Indian Regulations limits are determined based on the purpose of your travel. For a business trip, the expenses are born by the company , Indian nationals and Foreign nationals resident in India can carry foreign exchange abroad without any limit, subject to verifying the bonafides of transaction . Proprietary firms can avail foreign exchange up to a maximum of USD 2,50,000per financial year but only USD 3,000 can be carried as currency notes per trip and balance in the convenient form of Prepaid Forex Cards. which are readily available over the counter at REMITX.