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TCS will be applicable on foreign exchange transaction under LRS from 1st Oct. 2020, as per IT section 206C.

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Products WE OFFER

If you are going abroad and want to buy currency or you are back from an international trip and need to exchange your remaining currency notes for INR. We offer best in the market rates for both buying and selling purposes. Currency Notes of major and exotic currencies made available at your door step. Genuineness of currency notes is the most basic expectation of foreign traveler. Our expert cashiers equipped with all the necessary skills and tools to identify genuine currency notes meticulously verify the notes before handing it over to our customers. This assures delivery of authentic currency notes to our esteemed customers.

Overseas Money Transfer at RemitX

Are you worried about the money transfer from India to abroad quickly and safely? Don't worry, RemitX has all kinds of solutions to help you transfer your money abroad.

Our specialists have built the groundwork for a strong transaction system to help you with your foreign currency transactions securely with due diligence.


In this new-age digital world, if we talk about the process to remit forex overseas from India around the globe, look no further. It is now easier than ever. A large number of Indians who travel abroad to study, work, or for immigration use online mode to remit foreign exchange overseas.

A student who plans to study abroad send/remit tuition fees, living expense, accommodation charges from India online. Similarly, when you relocate your dear ones to a new location, they may need to send money abroad. These would require several governmental regulations to have complied in addition to prevailing foreign exchange laws whilst you send money abroad. You have to fulfill all these compliance requirements in the process to remit money online to your loved ones.


The main objective of your remit forex overseas shall be limited by RBI-approved for some categories. These categories are:

  • International business travel
  • A private trip to another country
  • Overseas education
  • Immigration


What does our Support Administration Offer you?


  • RemitX offers you the most preferred technique of digital/online money transfer from India to abroad.
  • In terms of outward fund transfers, it has excellent speed and security.
  • It is a simple and secure method to send money abroad.
  • Under this technique, almost every personal transaction is valued.
  • This approach allows you to remit money online to abroad from India.


Complete Procedure that we Assist you to Send Money Abroad:

  • Step 1: Profile Registration:

Our experts guide you to complete your profile registration form. They help you to fill in all required credentials. These credentials are name, address, phone number, email address, birthplace, annual income, occupation, nationality, and PAN number.

  • Step 2:Identification of your profile:

After registration, RemitX support administration helps you to fulfil all requirements of the bank for identification.  We make valid identification using your documents. After verification of your submission, your identification process will be complete.

  • Step 3: Start a Money Transfer to Abroad:

Once identification is verified, you will be able to transfer from your Remitx.com profile. We will assist you to fill in all the appropriate information so that the receiver will get money.

  • Step 4: Send Money to your Family Members:

After receiving all confidential information via email.  You can easily use internet banking to transfer money from your bank.


How does RemitX’s Highly Skilled Team Support you? 

  • Rates of Exchange:

Our RemitX’s expert team guides you about sending money abroad. Not everyone will give you a decent exchange rate. These rates may fluctuate, and hidden costs will significantly impact the final transfer amount.

  • Transfer Fees:

If you frequently send money abroad, you should use a service that charges a fee based on the quantity transferred.

  • Safe and Secure Medium:

RemitX administration helps you to remit money online, our experienced experts assure you safe and secure transfer. After taking our service you'll be able to rest assured that your hard-earned money has reached your family.

  • Knowledge

Our professionals have a practical knowledge that able them to work for remit forex overseas

Services. We have already provided our services to numerous clients who are satisfied with all aspects of our remittance services.

Advantage REMITX

With its diverse expertise and robust service delivery mechanism, REMITX enjoys some of the finest advantages in Foreign Exchange industry

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